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Introduction to ChestShop

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 07:10 PM

ChestShop allows a store owner to preset prices and then buy and sell items to player without being present. This is accomplished using chests with signs placed nearby (within 1 block). Players can right or left click the sign to buy or sell. ChestShop uses the pricing placed on the sign by the store owner to give or take money from the player’s virtual in-game bank account.It is important to realize that any discussion of clicking is from the perspective of a player, not the store owner. When the system says Buy, they mean the player buys from the store owner and not that the store owner is buying. This means unless you are feeling generous, your store will always have higher prices for Buy than for Sell. This logic is a bit counter intuitive, so be sure to keep it in mind.

Building a ChestShop

To create a ChestShop, start by placing a single or double chest anywhere. Next, within one block from the chest, place a sign that meets the description of the next section. That is it! Simple, but the sign description can be a bit complicated.

Sign Format

Signs have four lines on them, and each line has a different purpose. A list of top to bottom purposes are listed here:

1. Username
2. Quantity of Item to be Sold
3. Pricing Information
4. Item Name or Item Id (Item Id is preferred)

The first line you can type your Minecraft name so the store knows whose bank account to use. You cannot make stores with other user’s names on them.

The second line is just a number. If you want to buy/sell a stack of cobblestone, put 64. For a single diamond block just put the number 1. ChestShop allows for selling less than the total number but this is a server specific configuration and may or may not apply. If this setting is enabled, players can sell 54 cobblestone if that is all they have in their inventory when they left click even if the sign says 64.

The third line is a bit more complicated and accepts a variety of formats. The general format is the letter B followed by a price used for the player to {B}uy from the store, then a semicolon followed by the price used by the player to {S}ell to the store followed finally by the letter S. As an example, a quantity of 5 in line two with the text in quotes “B 2:1 S” would sell to the player at $2 per 5 items and buy from the player at $1 per 5 items. A ChestShop store does not have to buy and sell items from a sign, either can be omitted. Using “B 2” or “S 1” would result in only allowing a player to buy or sell.

The fourth and last line is the item name or item Id. It is tempting to type the name here, but the names can be very confusing if you are selling a lot of items. For example, the system uses Color Ink Sack for dyes, but most dyes have different names in the game so bone meal would be White Ink Sack. For Items like sand and cobble, it’s easier to just type the name, but item ids are easy to get and faster than guessing names in most cases. Look to the “Enable Item Ids in Game” trick below to quickly get item ids without using a web browser. You can also type /iteminfo while holding the item to get the item Id.

As an example using the shortcuts below and description above, a player can buy 64 sand for $5 and sell 64 sand for $3 from a store made using the following sign text:

Line 1:
Line 2: 64
Line 3: 5:3
Line 4: 12

Note – Selling enchanted books can cause some strange behaviors. For example, An Efficiency IV book created by enchanting a book on an Enchanting Table does not have the same Item ID as an Efficiency IV book created by combining two Efficiency III books on an anvil. This can upset players that are trying to sell a book to a sign clearly labeled as Efficiency IV that keeps saying the item is invalid.


Enable Item Ids in Game – By pressing F3 and H at the same time you can enable the game to show item id and durability in your inventory when hovering over the item with a mouse. For Mac, the shortcut is fn, f3, shift, and h. This feature makes it quick and easy to use item ids if you have one of the item in your inventory. Especially helpful for selling leaves or mushroom pieces as both have sub-ids. For example, the number is 18:0, 18:1, 18:2, 18:3, etc for leaves.

Skip the First Line – The name line (line 1) isn’t required. Leaving it blank will automatically enter your name. You cannot enter someone else’s name (unless it’s an admin shop) so it is a pointless exercise to type your full name and risk having a typo.

Reducing Line Three – Instead of typing B and S if buying and selling, you can just type the prices. From our above example, “B 2:1 S” could be reduced to “2:1” instead. The modification will automatically reinsert the B and S when you finish the sign. If you are not allowing players to sell to your shop, you can just put 2. The mod will know you mean B for that price. If you are just selling, put “S 1” to signal you just want to sell.

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Posted 29 October 2014 - 04:10 PM

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