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King's Only! Read me before posting

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 02:55 AM

Hello and congratulations on being a King!


What is this?


One nation benefit we are allowing nations is the ability to host your own Admin Shops. They will cost $3,000 per shop. You can choose ANY item for the shop to buy but the price is fixed at $2 (Not for good stuff, think of it as paid trash. [not to be used for damaged tools or weapons]) 


You will not get the supplies from these shops, and you will not get money from the shop directly, however you should get teleport money for its use. If your nation falls due to upkeep all shops will fall. If it falls during a war the shops could be griefed and you will have to buy them again. There are no refunds if a sign breaks on purpose or accident, you will be charged to get it back. 


How to request Admin Shops for your nation


This Forum is moderated so only Kings should use this forum! If non kings try to make a request we will find a way to punish you!


Include in your thread:

  1. Title the request with the name of your nation.
  2. Put the coordinates of where you want the sign X Y Z with any notes as necessary (IE on chest facing hallway or on lapis block.) It does not need to be on a chest but people are used to this look.
  3. Tell us what item you want sold to the shop. 9 times out of 10 the name is enough but giving us the name and the items ID is best.
  4. Repeat 2&3 as many times as desired.


  1. 8343 67 -2389, On the wall
    Dorite 1:3 
  2. 8342 67 -2389, Free standing facing center
  3. 8341 67 -2389, On the front of the chest
    Melon 360
  4. 8340 67 -2389
    record_mall 2261

At a moderators next opportunity they will create this Admin Shop and deduct it from your Nation and reply to the thread when it was done. If your nation does not have the available funds when the moderator creates the shop your nation will fall into ruin.


If after a moderator has created your shops and you want more, if you need them remade, or your a new King then just reply to the same nations topic with the information required. 

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