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List of all Pre-approved Modules

If you do not see a module listed below, post on the forums prior to using it. It's better to ask permission than to ask for forgiveness!


Game Modifications

  • Zan’s Minimap
  • Rei’s Minimap
  • OptiFine
  • Shaders
  • Any device enabled programmable Macro that emulate keyboard or mouse events (such as Logitech keyboards, mice, and headsets




  • Modloader
  • Magic Launcher
  • ForgeModLoader



Unapproved Mods

  • Any x-ray or ore-detection mods, including texture packs that enable ore-detection
  • Minimaps with player detection in PVP or ore detection anywhere
  • Single Player Commands Mod (Or any Mod similar to it)
  • TooManyItems Mod (Or any Mod similar to it)
  • Any mods that provide noclip, invincibility, flying (in survival mode), speed modifications, duping, forcefield, no-swing, full-bright etc.
  • Player Radars
  • AimBotting Mods
  • Toggle Jump Mods
  • Any Mod that controls movement behavior
  • Inventory Tweak mods (or any other auto-reloader mods)
  • ControlPack
  • Zombe's Modpack
  • VoxelBox
  • Nodus
  • Platinum Client
  • World Downloaders
  • Click Mining Fix
  • Any mods that improve a players ability in PVP fights