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CoreProtect - Plugin Review

CoreProtect is an invaluable administrative tool that lessens the impact of griefers on a server. It allows admins to go back after the fact to view who removed or placed blocks. After determining who griefed the admin can undo the unwanted changes in a small area or globally on the server. If desired the griefer can be warned or banned to prevent it from happening again. The plugin allows for restricting these rollbacks and restores by username, time period, radius, action, blocks, and excluded blocks. In addition to rolling back a user’s changes, you can also restore them.
Griefer Identification

When someone complains of a grief on your server, the first thing I always ask is for XYZ coordinates of the location. In fact, including coordinates is in the grief report instructions. To find out who is the culprit, teleport to the position (if using Essentials the command is “/tppos x y z”) to view the griefed area. Next you need to turn on “Core Inspector” using the command “/co i” that turns on the admin mode of the module. With Core Inspector enabled, you cannot place or break blocks. Instead, punching a block tells you the history of what has happened at this block.

If the grief is the placing of blocks in an area being used by another player, punching the placed block will tell you who placed it. It will also tell you any other block activity that has ever happened there. Once you punch the block, you can type “/co l #” to page through the activity at that block if there are numerous changes.

Alternatively, if the grief is the removal or theft of blocks, it is easiest to use a solid block of some sort to identify who griefed. I usually use dirt and attempt to place the dirt in the missing block space. The dirt will place and then instantly disappear back into your inventory. Meanwhile a list of all activity at that block location will pop-up on the screen. Again you can use the “/co l” feature to step through pages of data if applicable.

You can also identify when someone steals items from a chest or item frame, although item frame identification has been a bit buggy in 1.7.2. To list the items in and out of a chest you need to right click the chest as if to open it instead of placing a block or hitting the chest. This is the place where the page feature is most useful because chests often have lots of interactions. CoreProtect logs every single addition or removal from the chest and can report who took it and when.

Rolling Back

Once you identified what user caused the problem, the next step is to decide if you want to revert that change. For the sake of this article, we are going to assume player’s name is Grieferman. The command to revert changes is defined for the plugin as follows:

/co rollback u: t: r: a: b: e:

If you just want to revert what Grieferman did last night where he broke a few blocks and walked into a players house, you could type something like this

/co rollback u:Grieferman r:25 t:1d

However, sometimes Grieferman goes on a full on griefing attack that covers most of the server. To fully revert what a player did last night you could change the radius to #global.


A rollback can occasionally cause unintended results, especially when doing a global rollback for banning a person. You can restore a user’s change by using the same parameters as rollback with /co restore instead of /co rollback. As an example, if you run “/co rollback u:Grieferman r:#global t:30d” because Grieferman broke a bunch of blocks at (100, 70, 100), but you didn't realize two weeks ago he helped another user build a large building at (300, 70, 500). The rollback will likely create big holes in the side of another user’s building. Since players should be encouraged to help each other, this isn't really fair. By using “/tppos 300 70 500” and running “/co restore u:Grieferman r:50 t:15d” to undo the change. This will cause any changes that Grieferman did in the last 15 days to happen again within a 50 block radius of (300, 70, 500), which would fix productive change while leaving the grief rolled back.

Other Sources:

If you want to see a full list of features available with CoreProtect, please see the plugin’s command descriptions listed here:

To download the CoreProtect plugin, please visit their bukkit page at http://dev.bukkit.or...ns/coreprotect/


Coreprotect has saved me tremendously in the past. The only downside I see is sometimes when you rollback. Sections are missing. Or redstone isn't rolled back. Does not happen often though.