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Introduction to the Residence Plugin

On BetterInGame’s Minecraft server, the Residence plugin allows you to own a section of the map and restrict other players from using the area. Reserving this space is paid for with in game currency that has no connection to real money. This tutorial reviews some of the basic features of the mod.

Creating a Residence
To create a residence you must first select an area. This is done using a selection tool, which is a wooden axe on the BetterInGame server. The selection tool uses the left and right click mouse buttons to mark the selection. Each mouse button is used to select an opposite corner of a space. The following image illustrates the two 3D corners that need to be selected.

Once the area is selected, you can reserve it using create, verify how much it will cost with select cost, or expand the existing selection with select expand. To determine the cost of the current selection just type the following:

/res select cost

Each residence must have a unique name and that name cannot include spaces or other special characters. For the sake of this tutorial we will name our residence YourRes. To reserve the selected area, simply type the following command:

/res create YourRes

If you have enough money in your account (type /balance to check) this will purchase the residence.

Other methods for selecting a region include the following commands:

/res select x y z – Selects a cube with the x y z sizes around the player.
/res select chunk – Selects the chunk you are standing in
/res select vert – Expands the current selection from the floor to the ceiling
/res select expand x – Expands the current selection in the direction the player is facing by x blocks

Setting Residence Flags
Once you have successfully created the YourRes residence as described above, you can begin modifying the permissions within this area. Flags can be set separately for individual players and for the residence as a whole. Individual flag settings take priority over global residence flags. Both are set with very similar commands.

You can see current flag settings by typing:
/res info

Setting a global flag is done with the following command:
/res set YourRes [flag] [true/false/remove]

Changing a default global flag for a single player named PlayerName would be
/res pset YourRes PlayerName [flag] [true/false/remove]

Flag is replaced with one of the following supported flags listed at http://residencebukk...seclection#Flag. This list includes flags that stop players from killing animals on your property, moving on your property, or teleporting to your property. For example, I could open the entire residence to public teleport with this command:

/res set YourRes tp

Changing the Default Teleport Location

When a residence is created, the teleport location is set to the corner of the residence. This is usually a solid block and causes uses to take damage while being pushed out of the block. If the residence is a building, it sometimes means being on top of the building. To solve this problem, change the tp location once the residence is created. Stand where you want the tp location to be and type the following:

/res tpset

For information on modifying an existing residence, see this article.


What are the limits/costs for different member types? 

Builders can have three 100(x) 100(z) 256(y) residences. Each block costs $0.02.


Sponsors can have five 300(x) 300(z) 256(y) residences. Each block costs $0.01.


Supporter - which is not a direct type, but rather the result of not paying for additional months of Sponsor, gets all Sponsor benefits except blocks cost $0.02 again. They can still have 5 300x300x256 residences.


See also - If you hover over each item, it will list the details. 

If you've been sponsor, and later supporter and create 4 or 5 residences. What happens to the 4th/5th residence when you stop being supporter/sponsor?

You get to keep the additional residences and homes even after you are demoted to supporter from sponsor. Thats why the initial sponsorship payment is  higher.