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How to Towny

Are you playing on the Monarch server and have you always wanted to start your own town or nation?
Look no further, in this article I will explain everything you need to know about Towny to get around on Monarch!


Monarch is build around the plugin Towny. With Towny you are able to claim chunks of land anywhere in the overworld (except for spawn). These claimed chunks are your town, allowing you to build, protect chests and more. All unclaimed chunks are considered Wilderness. In Wilderness PvP is enabled, griefing is allowed and changes to the terrain (incl. building and mining) will slowly convert back to it's original terrain.
Owning a town costs daily upkeep, this upkeep is deducted daily (24 hours irl) from the town bank account. Once the towns account reaches $0, the town falls into ruins, returning all claimed chunks to Wilderness.
You don't need to own a town to protect you items and builds, you can also join an existing town, allowing the town to claim more chunks of land, on which you can build.

Starting a new town

If you want to start your own town, the first thing you need to do is to find a good location. Think of the biome you like, resources, preferred terrain, nearby friends/enemies, etc.
Once you have found your ideal location, you can start your town with the following command:
/town new [townname]
The town name must be a continuous string of characters (" my town" would become "my"), also /town can be shorted to /t
Use the command:
to view additional info about your town, like balance, settings, population and size
You can expand your town by claiming more chunks, these chunks must be connected to your town to claim them. Start in your town and walk in the direction you want to claim a chunk until you see the Wilderness notification. Now use the following command:
/t claim
Note that claiming additional chunks will cost some money.
You can claim multiple chunks in one go by using the commands:
/t claim [radius]
The radius is the distance around your current position, all chunks within that radius will be claimed, providing your town has enough money and claimable chunks.
/t claim auto
Will claim as many chunks as possible with the towns current resources.

Increasing town population

A town isn't really a town if there's only one resident. Inviting more players to join your town will increase the amount of chunks you can claim. To add a player to your town you can use the command:
/t add [playername]
This will add the player to your town, note that players can only live in one town at a time.
Tip: after writing "/t add ", use the arrow up or down key to select an online player.
You can add multiple players in one go by using:
/t add [playername] [playername]
When your town size increases enough, your daily upkeep will increase as well.

Getting more info

Managing your town starts with knowledge, here are some useful commands:
/t ?
Shows you all available commands for "/t" (you can show more commands if you use a subcommand such as "/t claim ?")
Will show a list of all towns on the server.
/t [town name]
Will show you the town info screen from other towns.
/t here
Will show you the town info screen from the town you are currently standing in.
/t online
Will show you the players in your town that are currently online.
/t ranklist
Will show you all current residents with their ranks.
/t reslist
Will show you a list of all residents in your town.
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Can you add some more info in regards to Nations, please?

Thanks Kino! Best Towny info to-date! 

Here are some useful commands I found. I can't edit the original post anymore, so if it ever becomes requested, someone please feel free to put some of the commands in the original post. ~Alia

  • /t new {townname} - Creates new town.
  • /t here - Shows you the town screen of the town in which you stand.
  • /t add {resident} - Mayor command to add residents to your town.
  • /t kick {resident} - Mayor command to remove residents from your town.
  • /t spawn - Teleports you to your town's spawn.
  • /t claim - Mayor command to claim the townblock in which you stand for your town.
  • /t claim outpost - Claims an outpost for your town
  • /t unclaim - Mayor command to unclaim the townblock in which you stand.
  • /t deposit {$} - Adds money from player to the town bank.
  • /t withdrawal {$} - Removes money from townbank.
  • /t outpost {number} - Teleports to an outpost
  • /t rank {add/remove} - {playername} {Builder/Recruiter/Assistant} - Grants or removes a rank to a resident of the town.
  • /t set board {message} - Sets message seen by residents upon logging in.
  • /t set mayor {resident} - Mayor command to give mayor status to another resident.
  • /t set homeblock - Sets the homeblock and spawn of your town.
  • /t set spawn - Sets the town spawn, must be done inside the homeblock.
  • /t set name {name} - Change your town's name.
  • /t set outpost - Sets a townblock as an outpost.
  • /t set perm {resident/ally/outsider} {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off} - Gives permissions to build/destroy/switch/itemuse (It's recommended to turn build and destroy off for outsiders to prevent griefing)
  • /t set taxes {$} - Sets taxes collected from each resident daily. Also sets percentage if taxpercent is toggled on.
  • /t toggle explosion - Turn on/off explosions in town.
  • /t toggle fire - Turn on/off firespread in town.
  • /t toggle mobs - Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in town.
  • /t toggle public - Turn on/off public /town spawning and the co-ordinates of the town's homeblock in the /town screen.
  • /t toggle pvp - Turn on/off pvp in town.
  • /t toggle taxpercent - Turn on/off taxing by percent/flatrate.
  • /t toggle open - Turn on/off public joining to your town.
  • /t join {townname} - Command to join a town that doesn't require invites.
  • /t ? - Shows the town help page
  • /plot claim - Resident command to personally claims a plot that are for sale.
  • /plot {forsale/notforsale} {$} Set a plot for sale.
  • /plot set reset - Sets a shop/embassy/arena/wilds plot back to a normal plot.
  • /plot set shop - Sets a plot to a shop plot. - /plot set embassy - Sets a plot to an embassy plot.
  • /plot set arena - Sets a plot to an arena plot. - /plot set wilds - Sets a plot to a wilds plot.
  • /plot toggle fire - Turn on/off firespread in the plot in which you stand.
  • /plot toggle pvp - Turn on/off pvp in the plot in which you stand.
  • /plot toggle explosion - Turn on/off explosions in the plot in which you stand.
  • /plot toggle mobs - Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in the plot in which you stand.
Nation commands:


  • /n new {nationname} - Mayor command to create a nation.
  • /n withdraw {$} - King command to remove money from the nation bank.
  • /n deposit {$} - King command to add money to the nation bank.
  • /n {add|remove} {playername} {assistant} - Grants or removes a rank to a resident of the nation.
  • /n add {town} .. {town} - Invites/Adds a town to your nation.
  • /n kick {town} .. {town} - Removes a town from your nation.
  • /n delete {nation} - Deletes your nation.
  • /n set king {resident} - King command to change the king of the nation.
  • /n set captial {town} - Sets the capitol and king of the nation.
  • /n set taxes {$} - Sets nationtax applied to the towns within the nation.
  • /n set name {name} - Sets the nation's name.