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How to Expand an Existing Residence

Tired of paying for the same residence again, only to make it a bit bigger? Waiting to protect your plot until you can afford an area large enough for your building goals? Wish you could just expand the residence after you buy it? Well you can! This article covers two different methods of expanding an existing residence created with the Residence plugin.
When I first started playing on a server with Residence plugin, it always bothered me that I could not expand my existing residence. Everyone on the server told me it is just not possible. As I am sure some of you know, it actually is possible. This tutorial explains the mechanisms in detail to select an existing residence, modify the selection, estimate the new cost, and finalize the selection. As an alternative, I also cover how to perform the same steps using a selection tool. This tutorial assumes you play on a server using the Residence plugin configured to allow players to own a residence and pay for it with in game currency.

The first step to expanding an existing residence is to select the entire residence into our selection “clipboard.” Every residence has at least one area. By default, that area is called “main” and occupies the entire residence. To select the entire residence, you need to select that area. Replace the word YourResName with the name of the residence you wish to expand.

/res select residence YourResName main

Before proceeding, at this point you need to calculate the current cost of your residence if you want to be able to calculate the expansion cost later. This cost is the part you already paid for. To calculate it, type the following command:

/res select cost

Write this number down for later. With the current residence selected, you can expand the residence using the expand command. This command is context sensitive, meaning if you are facing up, it will expand the +y direction, but if you are facing down, it will expand the –y direction. Replace the number 10 in the below command with the amount you want to expand the selection in the currently faced direction. It should be noted that this command does not finalize anything and costs nothing. Also, you can expand in multiple directions or expand in the same direction multiple times without restarting this process.

/res select expand 10

Now that you have expanded the current selection, you can calculate the cost of the expansion. To calculate the cost, you must run the same cost command as above.

/res select cost

The value returned from this command is the cost of the ENTIRE residence, not the cost you will pay to expand it. To calculate the cost to expand the residence, subtract the earlier number from the new cost number. For example, if the first cost command returned 1000 and the new cost command returned 1500, it will cost 500 or $5.00 on the default configuration to expand the residence.

Lastly, you need to finalize the change and pay the cost. This last step is the only step that is NOT reversible. It cannot be undone. This step replaces your residence with the main selection.

/res area replace YourResName main

Alternatively, you can accomplish expanding your residence using a selection tool. This process involves a lot less commands, but I personally prefer the expand command because it is easier for me to be sure what I have selected. To use the selection tool, first select an area with a selection tool that includes the residence. Once selected, type the area replace command. It’s as simple as that. Because you never select the original residence, the calculation of cost is not possible, but the server will only charge you the difference.

/res area replace YourResName main

These commands will help reduce the cost of increasing your residence as well as make you more willing to invest in a smaller residence when you have intentions of expanding in the future.
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You can also shift a residence; however, it is tricky if it's in the negatives.  It's best to do a move in stages, and start by moving only a small distance, like 10-25 blocks, and only along one axis (x, y or z).


Once you have a spot, work out the math along each of the axis that will be changed.  Example:  To move from 10 x to 20 x is 10 blocks.


Standing inside the residence and looking exactly in the direction that the residence will be shifted, do the following:


Next type /res select [resname]  (without the brackets)

Then type /res shift [amount]  (in the example the amount would be 10)

Finally, to confirm, type /res area replace [resname]


Be patient, it can take a little bit to update and reflect the change.

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