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How To Build Minecraft Hunger Games Maps

Chances are, if you’re an avid fan of playing around on Minecraft online, you’ve had at least one encounter with Minecraft Hunger Games. If you haven’t, the premise is simple. Just like its namesake from the teen novel would imply, you start out with nothing, left in an arena to forage for weapons and eventually use them to dispose of your unsuspecting competitors. As a fan of Battle Royal, I’ll gloss over my inherent bias against the chosen name for these maps, and yield to the death grip that modern teen dramas have over this world. Better in Game adult Minecraft server, I’m allowed to be crotchety. Crotchetiness aside, having crafted Minecraft Hunger Games maps in the past, I’ll throw out some of the essentials for making a kick-ass map​
How to Build a Minecraft Hunger Games Map
It would go without saying that the most important part of building a Minecraft Hunger Games Map, is by crafting a proper center. Before we even get to that point, you’ll need to decide how many players you want your map to support. For most games and events that happen on Better in Game, the best size seems to be around 8-10 players. That being said, it’s best to design your map on the smaller size. This is a problem that I’m all too familiar with. My attempts of grandiose scale often times hamper the efficiency of the arena’s that I craft. In general stick to smaller sizes, so that they can also be enjoyed by crowds of just three or four people playing. Once you’ve determined the scale, scope, and theme for your Minecraft Hunger Games Map, it’s time to throw down some blocks.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map 3

Minecraft Hunger Games Starting Point and Cornucopia
At the center of your map is the best place to set up your cornucopia of loot and starting spots. While the plugin that helps create Minecraft Hunger Games maps doesn’t require that the spawns all be located in close proximity, it always gets the 16-pixel cyber adrenaline pumping when you can see your foe spawn right next to you. Plan your Minecraft Hunger Games starting point with care, since it will likely be ignored after all the center chests are cleared.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map 2

Minecraft Hunger Games Hiding Places
As one would expect, it’s important to throw down a few good hiding spots throughout your map. Make sure not to make any spot too hidden though, or you run the risk of your Minecraft Hunger Games hiding places ending your game in disappointing ties. It’s also always a fun idea to create traps or tricks that can eliminate other players advantages when they are using hiding places. It takes time to decide the best places for hiding spots, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure that no matter how safe a spot is, that there is always somewhere on the map where other players can see it.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map 4

Minecraft Hunger Games Chests
How else are you going to survive without precious chests to yield weapons, food, and armor? Adding in Minecraft Hunger Games chests is incredibly easy to achieve with the Hunger Games Plugin. All you need to do when you’re crafting a map is place empty chests wherever you would like them to randomly spawn loot. The plugin itself will randomly generate and fill the chests with loot, no work involved for the builder! Do make sure that when you place your Minecraft Hunger Games chests that you are placing chests instead of trap chests, which will not spawn loot inside them in game. To that end, it can be a really fun F-U to the players if you end up putting one of these trapped chests in a particularly desirable area. Heck, you can even trigger it to a trap and really add injury to insult when they open their empty chest and receive an arrow to the knee.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map 5

Minecraft Hunger Games on Better in Game Famine Server
If you’re a Minecraft Hunger Games aficionado then Better in Game has a veritable smorgasbord of different hunger games map to choose from. Everything from big to small is featured on our Hunger Games server, known as Famine. Over the next month, we’ll be adding even more maps as the entire server comes together to participate in a Minecraft Hunger Games Map building competition. Check out this link for more information as soon as the competition is officially announced: LINK. Better in Game’s Famine server has even more going for it though than just simple Minecraft Hunger Games. There is also a slew of other games on the server including custom maps for Spleef, Capture the Flag, Paintball, and more!
Setting Up a Minecraft Hunger Games Map
Here at Better in Game, we use the bukkit Hunger Games plugin created by bob7l, but there are several options out there depending on what kind of server you are hosting or playing on. They all use a very similar mechanism to craft the maps. The general idea behind all Hunger Games maps involves firstly, assigning the dimensions of the map. This is typically done by assigning a tool (something rarely used like a wooden spade) to become your HG wand tool. In our setup, this achieved by typing “/hg wand”. The next step involves picking the two far ends of the map (make sure you measure properly to ensure you have all of your map in the playable area). After two points are selected type in "/hg create <name> <min-limit> <max-limit> <time-limit>". In this case, the name is the name of the map (go figure), the min-limit is the minimum number of players, the max-limit is the max number of players, and the time limit is the length of the match before a draw is called. After that your map is set, all you need to do is assign starting places by standing in each of your starting spots one by one and typing "/hg addspawn" (worth noting that you will need at least as many starting spots as the max-limit on players. Next, place a sign where you would like people to join your map from and while pointing at the blank sign type "/hg setlobbywall". The final step before playing is running a quick debug with the "/hg debug <arena>" command and you’re ready to start murdering your friends!
Thanks to great plugins like Hunger Games, Minecraft really has it all now. If you’re new to building Hunger Games maps for Minecraft then I hope I’ve been able to give you a few tips on how to make your next map a real winner! Happy building and happy killing my friends!


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