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Best InGame Practices

The wither skeleton farm

Dec 26 2013 05:48 PM | Acis in Best InGame Practices

Hi everyone! Ever get tired of running around a nether fort like a jackass, never finding any skeletons let alone skulls?
Well In this guide I'll try my best to teach you how to build a wither skeleton farm that requires minimal effort once it's done!

As a warning though, don't expect this farm to yield you a skull every 30 seconds. It's still going to take a while, but at least in this case you
can AFK safely and wait for the skeletons to come to you.

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Power Furnace

Dec 04 2013 06:44 PM | Adam in Best InGame Practices

The Power Furnace is our first Best InGame Practice here at BetterInGame. The purpose of this build is to optimize the furnace, and we will use two of them in this build. A furnace has two inputs and one output. By using hoppers, the system ensures both input slots are continually full and that the output slot is empty. For fuel, we will use a sustainable resource, but it will require a large amount of iron to fully stock.

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