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An introduction to Towny

In the Monarch server of Betteringame we run both Towny and McMMO. This article will cover the basics of the Towny plug-in.
Towny is a solid mod that allows you to create a town of your own and invite others to join you.
The mod also leaves room to rent out plots of land and gives every town it's own teleport location. Towns will also
require a basic (real time) daily upkeep and as a mayor you can tax your members to help pay for expansions and upkeep.
Alliances are also an option in the mod, allowing you to forge nations and have kings.
With your own town and nation also come a town chat and a nation chat,
which you can obviously use to have private chats with your town members.

But with a lot of options also come a lot of commands and possible confusion. The way commands are built up is simple though,
and easy to learn. In this guide I will only try to cover the basic commands,
because explaining them all would result in a very long read.

First things first though, starting your own town and inviting members!

To start a town got to an unclaimed area you like and type:

/town new YourTownNameHere

Be sure to not have any blank spaces in the name, it won't accept that.
Also make sure you have some money, because it costs $250 by default.
Luckily you start out with enough to claim a town on our Monarch server!

Before can purchase anything we need to add some money to our town fund, to do this simply

/town deposit XX

Where X is of course the number of dollars you'd like to deposit in your town fund.

Now let's claim some ground next, go stand on an unclaimed chunk adjacent to your town and do

/town claim

This costs some money, and you can do it only a limited number of times. The amount of plots you can
claim gets higher the more residents you have.

Okay now that we've got some more breathing room, lets invite some players. This can be done with:

/town add PlayerName

Don't someone in your town anymore? Just type:

/town kick PlayerName

Also very important and useful is your town spawn, using the following Command will teleport you to your town:

/town spawn

To set the town spawn to a different place in your town do:

/town set spawn

This will set your town teleport to the place you're standing on.

To get to other peoples town spawns (if they're public) type:

/town spawn TownName

Other towns charge money for this by default though, so don't use it willy nilly. Now that we're talking about money.

(town)death and taxes.

Well now that we've got a small town running it's time to worry about Upkeep and Taxes.
First let's discuss upkeep: Upkeep is a certain amount of money that will be subtracted from your town every real time day
In the beginning this will be only 20$ but the more you grow, the higher this daily upkeep will be.

This money will be removed from your town fund, and if this hits zero your town will disappear. But paying for this upkeep
gets easier the more members you have. For example, you could ask your players to do /town deposit XX every once in a while.
But you could also tax your town members for a daily amount. To do this use:

/town set taxes XX

Where XX = a number. Don't set this too high or your residents may leave you. Doing this should cover your daily upkeep
and perhaps even give you some leftover money to expand your town, create an outpost or make a nation.

There are also other ways to tax residents and even "foreigners" however this guide will not cover those, but a guide in the future might!

For King and Country

Okay I've hinted at Nations a few times before in this guide, and I'll explain how to make one and what they do.

First make sure you have $1000, this is a hefty price so make sure your nation prospers! To start a nation type:

/nation new NationName

You are now the proud leader of a nation, but it's not really a nation with only one town now is it?
Let's invite some other towns with:

/nation add TownName

Great, we're getting somewhere. Upkeep starting at 100$ per day is a pain though, so why not tax
your new citizens? To do that do:

/nation set taxes XX

Play nice now, we don't want our citizens declaring a revolution now do we?

Ah it's good to be the King now isn't it?

Not ready for such a commitment yet? You can also set an outpost
on an unclaimed plot, preferably far from your base with:

/town claim outpost

This will cost money, but you can set a small outpost far away that you can teleport to with

/town outpost X

Where X is the number the outpost has (in case of the first outpost, it would be 1)


Each town will have it's own town chat, and each nation will have it's own private nation chat.

To talk in Town chat / Nation chat do the following:

/tc Your message here for town chat
/nc your message here for nation chat

To switch over "permanently" just do:


Without anything behind them

To get back to normal chat do /g

Some basic tips

Towny is actually a pretty clear mod, and lists commands in a clear way. But due to the limitations
of Minecraft they can be a bit tedious to navigate. I'll list a few:

To bring up the Help list index do:


To bring up the mayor or king options type

/town mayor
/nation king

With this I'd like to conclude the basic guide, but if there's demand for it,
I'll write a more advanced guide explaining Town flags, outposts and selling plots.
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I've been keeping this article on perma pop out lately - thanks for putting this together!


I also have found this link extremely helpful for navigating some of the additional towny commands: http://www.stompzcra...=Towny_Commands