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An introduction to McMMO

My last article discussed Towny mod, and now it's time for an basic tutorial in McMMO.
McMMO is a mod that allows you to level up in certain skills like mining, repair, herbalism and a ton of other skills.
Leveling this skills will yield a lot of benefits including more double ores, higher damage, more abilities and different loot.
This mod also allows you to form adventuring partys and compete with others for the top spot!

Now unlike other guides, there isn't a really a clear starting point here, so I'll list a basic summary of all skills.


What does it do?
This skill allows you to survive falls from great heights and dodge attacks in combat.
Holding shift while falling might give you a "graceful roll"
The higher your level, the more you dodge and the better your chance of performing rolls.

How do I train it?
You can train this skill by falling from heights that damage you, or dodging attacks, which has a passive chance of happening.

Tips and tricks
Although not reliable, this skill might save your butt. Be sure to hold shift when taking a long fall.
Training can turn into a grindfest fast, so you might want to get exp naturally.


What does it do?
Archery is the art of using a bow and arrow at maximum efficiency. Leveling this skill will increase you basic
damage with bow and arrow, and give you a chance to retrieve your fired arrows. You also have a passive chance
to Daze an opponent, forcing them to look up and hitting them for bonus damage.

How do I train it?
By shooting at other players or monsters

Tips and tricks
The higher your skill, the less arrows you need. at level 100, you'll retrieve arrows 10% at a time.
Also building a safe place somewhere to snipe from is a good idea.


What does it do?
This is a combat skill that uses axes. Axes have a chance to do a critical hit for very high damage
your chance of doing one increases by 0.1% every 2 levels. So at level 200 that's a whopping 10% chance.
But that's not all! Axes extra damage to armor, plus they have a 25% chance by default to knock your opponent back.
A knockback hit also deals bonus damage. And on top of that increasing your axe level will increase basic damage too.

Right click special
Skull smasher, deals full damage to the enemy you hit, and extra area damage to enemys around you.

How do I train it?
Hitting enemys with an axe, pretty simple.

Tips and tricks

Skull smasher is a pretty powerful ability, able to clear a lot of mobs in one blow.
Axes are also good for PvP, because they destroy armor and knock opponents back.


What does it do?
This skill increases your ability to dig various materials, anything that needs a shovel really.
The higher your level in this skill, the more likely it is that you'll dig up a bonus item.
These items vary per material, but include Slimeballs, apples, gunpowder and even diamonds!

Right click
Giga drill breaker, this skill triples your chance of finding treasure and instantly breaks excavation material.

How do I train it?
By using your shovel on dirt, gravel, clay, sand, etc. Only podzol is not supported.
This skill basically trains itself with normal gameplay. But if you want to speed it up
consider digging up sand for a nice big glass structure.

Tips and tricks.
Not every material yields the same treasures, so try mixing it up.
A higher means better drops, but does not guarantee them.
Treasure might clog up your inventory, so check often if you still have room.


What does it do?
Fishing allows you to catch fish, but this plug-in also adds a ton of treasure. Also it allows you
to use your fishing rod to "shake" items from mobs. This makes fishing the "thieving" skill strangely enough.
The higher level your fishing is the better your chance at getting good items. getting better at fishing also
unlocks the "master angler" feature, which allows doubles your bite chance from a boat or in an ocean biome!
That's not all though, increasing fishing will also restore more hunger when eating fish.

How do I train it?
Find a spot with water and start fishing like normal. You get more exp the better loot you catch.

Tips and tricks.
Fishing off mobs might net you mob skulls, you know what that means....


What does it do?
This skill involves collecting flowers, herbs, vegetables and other plant matter. Getting better at this skill
will also make farming easier, by giving double harvest. The green thumb ability will replant your harvest crops. It's also possible
to make mossy bricks, grass blocks and mossy cobblestone by right clicking dirt/bricks/cobble with a seed in your hand.
There's a chance this might fail depending on your level though. There's also the passive "farmers diet" which
fills up more hunger bars when you eat melons, bread, cookies, etc. On top of that there's also "hylian luck" which
might yield items if certain blocks are destroyed with a sword.

Right click
Green terra: Right click with a hoe in your hand to get 3x drops from plants.

How do I train it?
By harvesting wheat, pumpkins, melons, flowers and basically all other plant matter you can find.

Tips and Tricks
This skill won't train with auto farms, so do your farming manually!
Hylian luck will work on grass, dead bushes, saplings, flowers and flower pots
It's also a reference to Link (from the legend of zelda) to break any and all bushes and pots.


What does it do?
Upgrade the most fundamental gameplay aspect, that's what. If you can mine it, this skill has an effect on it.
One of the changes is your ability for blast mining, which allows you to detonate TNT instantly and from a distance with
flint and steel by crouching and right clicking. The higher level your Blast mining, the more bigger the blast and the more
ores will stay intact. Besides that there's also a chance that you get double or even triple drops while mining. This change
increases as you level.

Right click
Super Breaker: Triples the your item drops and instantly mines any material.

How do I train it?
By playing the game! However keep in mind that the better the ore, the more exp you get.

Tips and Tricks
Super Breaker + Obsidian = zero effort. Works especially well with Pillars in the End.
If you want this skill up quickly, try setting up a haste II breaking + efficiency V pickaxe.
Use super breaker on diamond ore to get more diamonds than usual.
Another fast way to level is Endstone, it gives a lot of exp

Power level

What does this do?

Your power level is all your skill levels added up. It's listed on the stats page but it does not have a real use.
Comparing your power level to others is fun though. If you want to check out the top players do /mctop


What does it do?
This skill allows you to use an iron block to repair your weapons and armor with an iron block as an anvil (not a vanilla anvil!!)
Of course this will come at the cost of corresponding ores / bars. There's a passive chance of a double repair.
When you level this skill up some more it also becomes possible to repair enchanted items, just like in vanilla Minecraft, however
in this case there's the risk it not working. But the more you level, the higher the chance of it working is.
In default McMMO "arcane forging" has a chance of downgrading the enchantment, so be careful about that! That's not the case in
our Monarch server though.

How do I train it?

You can train this skill by placing an iron block down. This will function as the anvil.
Next right click the block with the item you want to repair + the corresponding material in your inventory (iron axe = iron bar)
At first you can only fix stone tools, but at level 50 you will be able to start fixing diamond tools.

Tips and Tricks.

This skill might seem worse than normal repairing at first, but it does not use exp.
Arcane forging does not have a high repair chance starting out, so wait until you're fairly high level
before you start using it.
Repair everything when you get the chance!


What does it do?
Smelting allows you to use fuel more efficiently, basically causing you to smelt more ores with one single unit of coal, this skill
gives you a chance at double ores and bars too + increase the "vanilla exp" of smelting. Those with sufficiently high level in this skill
might even instantly melt the ores while they mine them!

How do I train it?
Smelting is unique, because it's the only so called "child skill"
Your smelting level is determined by adding your mining level to your repair level and deciding by two.

Tips and Tricks
Higher level players might start finding bars in their inventory while mining, so be aware of that.
Keep your vanilla exp level in mind while smelting, it might fill up faster than you think.


What does it do?
Yet another combat skill, this one focusing on swords. This is obvious for the more perceptive among you though.
Swords have the unique ability to counter attack, this is a passive ability that actives more at higher levels.
Higher level will also increase your base damage.

Right click
Serrated strikes: This ability allows you to deal area damage and inflict bleeding wounds upon your enemys.
Bleed will damage your enemys overtime, similar to poison effects.

How do I train it?
Kill stuff with your sword.

Tips and Tricks
The bleed ability is very useful when you want to make sure someone or something goes down.
Swords also have a higher base damage than axes, making this a more ideal weapon to use at lower levels.


What does it do?
It lets you become the kungfu master you've always dreamt of becoming.
At higher levels you can deflect arrows frequently and do more damage.
Also you will be able to disarm opponents, causing them to drop their weapon, and prevent yourself from being disarmed.

Right click
Berserk: Temporarily cause 50% more damage and be able to punch trough weaker materials instantly like dirt and sand.

How do I train it?
punch stuff, a lot.

Tips and tricks
This skill is very useful in pvp, and can be very powerful at higher levels because of disarming
But to get there you will need discipline and maybe an 80's training montage.
Combine this with a high acrobatics level to become a feared opponent even when stripped of your gear.


What does it do?
Woodcutting is the art of being a lumberjack. The manliest profession in existence by far.
There's two passive abilities, the first being a chance at double drops and the second being
"leaf blower" that allows you to instantly clear leaves with any axe at skill level 100

Right click
Tree feller: This skill will allow you to instantly fell trees at once, dropping all it's wood blocks instantly.

How do I train it?
By chopping wood.

Tips and tricks
Leaf blower combined with silk touch is an easy way to get decorative leaves

Larger trees = faster exp. So the jungle is a good place to level

Detailed information

Well I hope this guide has been helpfull to you when starting out with McMMO!

For more detail here's a link to the McMMO wiki. This website will explain a lot of the topics discussed here
in more detail:

As a note though: this website might be more detailed but isn't up to date with the McMMO version we're running. Some information might be missing.
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