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Adult Minecraft Server

Ahh Minecraft, what a cruel mistress she can be. Truly a game that can consume hour upon hour of your life, mercilessly squelching any hopes of being productive in the real world. If you’re like me, then chances are you receive a massive amount of enjoyment from stepping back and seeing your projects and creations come to fruition. I find that enjoyment alone solace for the inexorable amount of time I’ve put into this silly little game. Is that alone the only reason I should be feeling guilty about playing Minecraft for days on end? There’s always the argument that Minecraft itself is a game for children, and isn’t even crafted with adults in mind. If you ask me, that’s a load of crap! It is the simple formula that makes the game so great that also is what draws 18+ Minecraft players into the deep dark mines and ancient hidden temples.
Adult Minecraft servers have even become extremely popular in the last few years, as more and more adults succumb to the addiction. Don’t feel guilty my friends, embrace your inner demons; you know, the ones that say, “I really should do the dishes but I need to place this one last row of blocks”. Give in to temptation, and know that there is a “cure” to your curse. And you’ve found your cure, that is a hearty regiment of playing Minecraft online with a bunch of other like-minded adults. Welcome to Better in Game (BIG) and Banana S’mores, two 18+ Minecraft servers joined together to offer adults the perfect environment to spend their precious little free time. So kill one more chicken, go down one more mineshaft, build one more tower, and get explosively violated by one more creeper adult Minecraft player! Whether this is your first online Minecraft server (if so, lucky find) or you’re a wayward server nomad looking for a place for drama-free Minecraft experience. Welcome to Banana S’mores and Better in Game; you’re an adult, you’ve earned this.
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Adult Minecraft Player

Between children of our own, bills, laundry, work, and hangovers it can be hard to find any free time to escape to the realm of Minecraft. But at BIG and Banana S’mores, we know that your rare moments of free time should be allocated to a server that is drama free. While I know as well as the next person that adults can be just as dramatic as children, take my word when I tell you that taking people under 18 out of the mix in online Minecraft saves many headaches. Other than negating the level of drama both servers meet other criteria that adults crave such as no map resets, no griefing (the act of destroying other players work and/or harassing them), and the ability to leave work for months on end and know that it won’t be disturbed. For a more in-depth look at the rules and policies of Banana S’mores and Better in Game click here or here. If these sound like appealing policies to you, then the next step is signing up on either site, registering your account via e-mail, and getting yourself in game pronto!
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No Griefing

The majority of adults just want to get along in harmonious Minecraft bliss. This is why our anti-griefing policy is strictly enforced. If any destruction of property or harassment occurs, our team of moderators is there to reset any damage and ban the offending party. Unlike some other servers that do temporary bans for griefing, a ban for griefing here is usually a done deal. After all, if a player is breaking the anti-griefing rule it’s usually a sign that they are immature and are likely under 18 or didn’t take the time to read and are likely under 18 and therefore breaking two rules. That being said, we also understand that as an adult sometimes the best way to get some relief after a long day of work is to just sword the crap out of someone. For this very reason BIG and Banana S’mores host a variety of servers including our Famine server, which includes a variety of mini-games ranging from hunger games and paintball to hockey and spleef (not as gross as it sounds). So if you’ve got a vendetta against your friend and have been looking for a way to settle things, Banana S’mores and BIG have a place you can duke it out in one of the dozens of custom created maps. Just remember the term griefing doesn’t just apply to the destruction of other players work, but in general, it means don’t be a dick to other players.
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No Map Reset or Penalty for Inactivity

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Better in Game and Banana S’mores are the first servers I’ve played on that don’t systematically destroy my work every six months. While it may be all hunky dory for children to start with a clean slate every six months, most adults aren’t this fickle and don’t bore as easily or as quickly. On a previous server I played on was in constant fear that month of work would be wiped away at any second. This is my third year playing on the Better in Game Pure server, and I still get to see all of the work I’ve done over the years there and intact. Another benefit to playing on Banana S’mores and BIG, is the fact that there are no penalties for inactivity. Some servers will remove your builds if you don’t play for several weeks. From the perspective of an adult Minecraft player, this is absurd. Things happen when you’re an adult that are out of our control, things that might keep you from playing for months on end. Why should someone be penalized because life is crazy and chaotic? That’s not the way here. Here you can expect a stable environment where months of work doesn’t get dashed on a whim.
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Yes, this is the rule of law on the servers. While I know there are is definitely a 16-year-old out there that is more mature than 21-year-old, the fact of the matter is 18 is a logical cut-off year to capture an entirely adult audience. The next question is usually, “how do you know if the players are over 18?” The answer is surprisingly simple, children always give themselves away through juvenile activities, rule-breaking, and general asshattery. I’m sure that there may be someone out there playing on either Better in Game of Banana S’mores that’s a few months south of proper, but if we haven’t been able to tell that they were underage that simply means they were obeying the rules, behaving properly, and creating an adult environment. Besides that, the majority of server conversations are about craft beer, food recipes, work and general ‘boring adult stuff’, so most children would lose interest anyway.
Adults Play Minecraft 3

So there you have it; welcome to your new adult Minecraft server. You’re welcome here whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned ender dragon slaying machine, Better in Game and Banana S’mores have a server that’s right for you. If you’re a survival guru looking for a vanilla experience, then set your sights on Dream or Pure. If you’re hankering for a little competition check out the Famine server. If you’re all about the creative acumen of Minecraft, then the Inspired or Creative servers will be right up your alley. If you want to start a city of your own in a server with skills and a robust feature-heavy set of plugins, then Monarch server is your cup of tea. Not afraid of heights? Check out the Skyblock server, where you can build explore, and risk death constantly. Not only is there a diverse selection of servers to choose from, but these servers all have one thing in common; they all are shared by a unique group of adults who have found Minecraft an ideal replacement for busting out the Legos. With shared chat between all servers you’ll always be in touch with all the other players of BIG and Banana S’mores, even when you’re a world apart. So release your guilt and embrace the way of the pickaxe! You’re an adult who plays Minecraft, and now you have a home, better get to work, there’s diamonds in them hills!