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How To Build Minecraft Hunger Games Maps

Jun 28 2017 11:45 AM | JELLOMIX in Minecraft Articles

Chances are, if you’re an avid fan of playing around on Minecraft online, you’ve had at least one encounter with Minecraft Hunger Games. If you haven’t, the premise is simple. Just like its namesake from the teen novel would imply, you start out with nothing, left in an arena to forage for weapons and eventually use them to dispose of your unsuspecting competitors. As a fan of Battle Royal, I’ll gloss over my inherent bias against the chosen name for these maps, and yield to the death grip that modern teen dramas have over this world. Better in Game adult Minecraft server, I’m allowed to be crotchety. Crotchetiness aside, having crafted Minecraft Hunger Games maps in the past, I’ll throw out some of the essentials for making a kick-ass map​

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How To Chat In Minecraft

Mar 17 2017 02:10 PM | JELLOMIX in Minecraft Articles

What do you like the most about Minecraft? Maybe you like to explore the deepest darkest caverns or maybe you live for the thrill of building that next big masterpiece, but chances are, if you’re playing online, a lot of the appeal is the people. I’m sure if you’ve gotten this far and made it to this article then you probably already have a pretty good rudimentary understanding of how to chat in Minecraft, but in case you don’t this guide will give a rundown on how to use one of the frequently used chat modules for online Minecraft servers. BungeeSuiteChat is designed to work on Minecraft servers to provide a seamless chat solution that is able to bridge multiple servers into one chat realm. Here at Better In Game, you’ll never find yourself alone thanks to global chat that crosses from server to server.

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On Virtual Reality, Gaming, and Minecraft

Feb 06 2017 01:04 AM | AliaDreams in Minecraft Articles

"We are all looking for the next great technology experience and it looks like VR is going to be it."

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How to Towny

Feb 01 2017 12:21 PM | Kino in Minecraft Articles

Are you playing on the Monarch server and have you always wanted to start your own town or nation?
Look no further, in this article I will explain everything you need to know about Towny to get around on Monarch!


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BIG is Green

Jan 30 2017 04:19 AM | AliaDreams in Minecraft Articles

What is Green web hosting?

Green hosting or eco-friendly hosting is internet hosting using green technologies to reduce environmental impact. Green web hosts are those web hosting providers that save energy as much as possible by using energy from renewable sources. The huge amount of energy used by data centers to keep your website up is usually produced from carbon emitting generators. (A carbon emitting generator is one that burns non-renewable fuels to generate electricity and gives out too much of carbon and other pollutants.) A green web host strives to minimize the energy consumption of their servers in the first place.

Why go Green?

A web server has to work non-stop round the year and it consumes a lot of energy in the process. The number of websites online is sky-rocketing every year and to power all these websites, more electricity becomes vital. Most of the conventional web hosts that you are familiar with probably consume electricity that is made from carbon emitting generators and this could take a toll on our planet. A web server on average produces more than 630 kg of CO2 and consumes 1,000 KWh of energy annually.A green host on the other hand, produces zero CO2. Studies show that by 2005 the web hosting industry used as much energy to power their servers as the equivalent of 14 major power plants. It is said that the amount of energy consumed by the US data centers is equivalent to that consumed by 5 million houses put together. Studies have shown that by the year 2020 that the web hosting industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry.
Green Server 2

Green and BetterInGame

Web hosts are one of the biggest energy consumers among the tech world and if they can be green, what can be better than that? By using 100% solar and hydroelectric power, BetterinGame hosts a server, website and Teamspeak without causing harm to the planet we live in. Conservation of energy is becoming more and more essential and our server's owners are passionate about the preservation of our planet and its resources. If all of this energy is to come from conventional, non-renewable sources like burning of coals, gas fired furnaces and generators, obviously you as a responsible adult are not going to appreciate it. With the increased impact that servers have on our environment, we are doing our small part. We believe that individual websites could help to promote a more eco-friendly consciousness throughout the web.

So, by playing Minecraft on BetterInGame, you are doing your bit towards saving our nature and preserving it for future generations.

Happy Gaming

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Minecraft Bridges

Jan 27 2017 06:19 PM | JELLOMIX in Minecraft Articles

I’ll shamelessly admit my penchant for architecture. Don’t tell my father; as a bridge engineer who hates to deal with architects, I feel like I would be bringing shame to my family or something like that. It almost goes without saying that, as a child, I was inundated with a slew of popsicle and toothpick bridge projects. That’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy every last one of them. I also can add that I still keep engineering in mind every time I create a bridge in Minecraft. In my time playing on the Pure Better In Game Adult Minecraft Server, I’ve built a slew of bridges ranging from small 5 blocks bridges crossing creeks to monster 1000 block long suspension bridges spanning swathes of ocean. I will with, admitted conceit, say that I’ve gotten pretty darn good at crafting the suckers over my years of Minecraft. I’d love to share with you some of the tricks I’ve picked up on how to cross above your canyons, link over your lakes, or even overpass your oceans.

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Adult Minecraft Server

Jan 13 2017 12:34 PM | JELLOMIX in Minecraft Articles

Ahh Minecraft, what a cruel mistress she can be. Truly a game that can consume hour upon hour of your life, mercilessly squelching any hopes of being productive in the real world. If you’re like me, then chances are you receive a massive amount of enjoyment from stepping back and seeing your projects and creations come to fruition. I find that enjoyment alone solace for the inexorable amount of time I’ve put into this silly little game. Is that alone the only reason I should be feeling guilty about playing Minecraft for days on end? There’s always the argument that Minecraft itself is a game for children, and isn’t even crafted with adults in mind. If you ask me, that’s a load of crap! It is the simple formula that makes the game so great that also is what draws 18+ Minecraft players into the deep dark mines and ancient hidden temples.

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Gold farm mechanics

Mar 30 2014 01:17 PM | Kino in Minecraft Articles

This article explains the mechanics behind the gold farm on pure, and some general mechanics associated with gold farming in minecraft.

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1.8 Villager Trading

Jan 08 2015 12:56 PM | Kino in Minecraft Articles

Hey everybody,

I made a tutorial on the 1.8 villager trading system.

Enjoy :)

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BetterInGame Hunger Games Battlefields

Jun 15 2014 08:30 AM | soviet_pig in Minecraft Articles

Info on the plugin and all the Hunger Games arenas for BetterInGame's Famine server.

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