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Potion Shop is open for business

Posted by Steeldeal78 , 16 June 2014 · 804 views

I didn't fully appreciate everything that goes into starting even a basic store until I got to start one. The potion shop has definitely been a lot of work.

I built the building pretty easily, although it ended up being expensive as well. It took a LOT of chests and even more signs. Fitting everything into such a small building was tough but fun.

Here's the opening to "Diagon Alley" which will eventually also include a book shop.

Posted Image

Here's a closer look at the potion shop itself.

Posted Image

I'm not sure if you can tell from here but the upstairs isn't complete. The walls are just open to the outside. But I haven't really decided if I want to finish it, when I'm up there looking out I kind of enjoy the look and feel. It's kind of neat. Plus it allows for a quick get away instead of having to come back down the stairs.

The concrete gateway needs to be redone. Originally I thought this was just going to be the opening, and later I found out that the other side will be opened up to the spawn eventually. So I need to make that concrete gateway into an actual alley and it'll make more sense anyway.

Anyway the potion store is now buying almost every single potion. And almost every single potion except a few splashes are available for purchase. I just have to make up the last remaining and get them into the chests.

So my primary goals at this point will be:

1) Fix gateway into a proper alley

2) start building the book shop. I'm not sure how well the book shop will work because combo books are so common now, but I'm going to give it a wing anyway.

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