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Splinter Development Blog: Part 4 - A Whole new World

Posted by AnToast , 27 July 2014 · 20,820 views

Splinter Factions PVP
Welcome to today's Splinter Server Development update, brought to you by the letter 15.

Toastlogs: stardate:today.
I am pleased to report that we have finished the Theme Park. So next on our list of things we should probably do to make this place work the way we want it... is to start generating our Biomes. But first, lets recap why we're doing that.
If you guys read Acis' post then you might be able to figure out why we're doing this, but just in case, We have generated Biomes for the purpose of resources. Now why might we need to do that? Simple. The main map doesn't have too many resources. It's enough to get you started, for sure, but long term? Probably not.

Now perhaps I should provide another break down of how we intend to have Splinter and "our" Factions function. (I have to keep reminding myself. .-. this is for both of us)

Essentially. We are going to have 3 Main Factions. People will be able to choose your destiny a side.

These Factions will be located in Midgar, which is a world located in Splinter. Midgar is home to not only the faction bases, but the central installment of our faction server, the Theme Park. The outer rim of this world will be destructible, the inner circle, where the theme park lies, will not; nor are the sewers, located just under the park (obviously).

Midgar is only 500 blocks wide. You can see where an issue of resources would arise.

Our Answer to this is to create "Portals" to other Biomes for resources. BUT THEREIN LIES THE TWIST. Because guess what we've accidentally kind of on purpose made a hot commodity? These portals. About 15 of them in all. I'm not telling you which kinds of Biomes they are. You will have to find that out on your own. #sorrynotsorry.

And That, ladies and minecarts(fendy™) is what this update is all about. The Biomes are MADE. They exist. They are their own world. We are working with our lovely administrators to get them all linked up and the portals operational. Then we'll tighten the world borders a bit and make a few key indestructible barriers and they'll be all set.

Now, You'll be able to get to these places from Midgar. Good luck finding them. Good luck defending them. Once these portals come online, Factions will be a whole new ballgame. There will be a race for survival... He who controls the most ground will have the edge... or will he? It will be up to you guys. Even the Mightiest will fall to a clever wit.

Plan, raid, lie, steal, tell the truth, deceive, devise a strategy. build an army, start a revolution, rule an empire... or fall. It's all up to you. When the portals come online:

It's a whole new world. Don't get left behind.

Toast, out.

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