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A biologists story

Posted by Acis , 13 February 2014 · 1,528 views

Lore Monarch Aztec
A biologists story Moctezuma II

Apparently that's the name of he (it?) who lies in the tomb. Well, if you could call it a tomb.
It's been three days now since I escaped that place, and I feel ready to write about it.

Let me start at the beginning though.

Three months ago Dr.Endemine, Prof.Ciafiss and I first found out about the ruins. This took some effort though,
the locals are skittish and seemed to be very afraid of this place. They would take neither gold, diamond or other
precious gems up front for their information. Nor were they interested in food supplies or new technologies we could
teach them. Only after we showed up a week later did they start showing interest in helping us out. Apparently
Prof.Caifiss white cat was seen by them as a holy animal, according to Ciafiss they referred to it as a minor deity even!

This was the bargaining chip that we needed, and after that things went smoothly. Their chief was more than eager to show
us we're the "undead palace" was. local superstition I thought by myself. The only thing we had to leave behind was the
white cat, which Ciafiss reluctantly did.

So that was that, we were on the road to the biggest find ever, a near intact temple in the middle of the jungle. We had heard
about this place existing for a long time, but never got close to it. While on the road Izel (our guide) told us about
the legends surrounding the place we were heading. he told us the place would sometimes disappear and be gone without a trace for months
just to show up again. He also said that there's more underground than above ground, and that the place was never truly abandoned.
Now the last bit didn't phase me, locals tend to have superstitions about those kind of things. But the appearing and disappearing
part was something I heard of too. We had the same happen with another ruin, thick mist could cover that place for weeks at a time.
You weren't able to see more than three feet ahead of you. I silently prayed that that wouldn't happen here.

After a week of trekking trough thick jungle later, I saw that my prayer had been answered. After climbing up a steep hill we saw it!
Almost as beautiful as the day it was built, the main temple with several smaller buildings as well. And this valley was cleared of trees
even, giving us great access to the place and even room to set up our own camp! The doctor and Prof were just as exited as me. Izel said
he and the other carriers would not go further than this, and that they would wait on the foot of the hill until we were ready to leave.

Over the next few days we discovered some very interesting things, the main one being that this is a totally new civilization we have
discovered, even though this place looks very similar to other known ruins. The second thing we noticed is that some of the buildings
are in very good shape, yet others are nearly gone. As if someone had been maintaining them. The third and last "big" thing is that
there were a lot of new species of flowers there, completely different from the ones I've ever seen. Now I could get into one or two
new species, but there were over 10 completely unique and different kinds of flowers growing here. A great day for a biologist such as me,
but I still can't figure out an explanation for that.

The fourth day though, we made our biggest discovery, and also our greatest mistake. Apparently there's a complete city underground.
Plenty of water, a lot of houses, wall paintings and the everything was preserved in a spectacular way. I do not feel ready to discuss
anything else we saw down there though, except that Ciafiss and Endemine are still down there, presumably dead by now.

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