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St George 06-12

Posted by Acis , 15 June 2017 · 2,495 views

My alarm went off at 7, and after a quick double check I made my way to the bus station for my second trip with greyhound. There wasnt much of a line and the ticketing guy was pretty friendly! The people on the bus were not very notable either, and I had plenty of room. Honestly kind of a boring ride compared to the one before.

A 6 hour ride later the bus stopped at a gas station in St George. This was my stop, and I was the only one getting off here. My AirBnb was an hour walking distance from here, and I decided to just take the stroll instead of calling an Uber. Afterwards I had no regrets but boy was that a long walk through the hot afternoon sun uphill most of the way.

St George itself is a nice town and a big contrast from Salt Lake, the neighborhoods much more like the one Greg lives in. No tons of rusty metal, cracked pavement or boarded up buildings here. The city center was pretty cosy as well with a lot of art on the side of the road and plenty shaded benches. My booked room was nice and very clean as well, it even had airconditioning which I gladly used.

Once I was finished with my shower I looked for a place to eat. Google maps told me there was a great family owned nearby. The only problem was the freeway between me and the restaurant. This being America there was no way for someone on foot or bike to cross this road without walking 2 extra miles, I crossed the illigal way.

At the restaurant it wasnt busy bit there were three other tables occupied. Service and seating was quick and came with complimentary chips and great homemade salsa. I ordered the Chili verde, which was a pork dish with onions, green peppers, rice and beans. Pretty good stuff and a huge portion. They know what to do with pork, it fell appart when I poked my fork in it.

It was already 8.30 when I got out of the restaurant so I decided to skip going in to town and instead went to bed at 11

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