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Salt Lake City is home to the homeless

Posted by Acis , 15 June 2017 · 2,052 views

My ride through the Twilight zone came to an end at 5.20 in the morning local time. After getting my bag from the cart and doing a quick internalized cheer that it arrived safely I ventured forth. The station door was propped open bij a plastic bottle, most likely done my a bum so they had acces to a toilet and unatended luggage. Around the station there were about a dozen homeless, but I didnt think much of it. Like the moon orbits the earth so must the homeless orbit the greyhound station.

Check in for my hostel was only possible from 3 p.m. onwards, so I had 9 hours to kill in an unfamiliar city. First course of action was making my way to the city center and score some breakfast. On my way to downtown I was greeted by a bum with the words "got 40 cents muddafucka". I met his greeting with a shrug. Walking towards then center I only spotted more and more homeless, and at some point I spotted a camp easily housing over a hundred! Has no one seen the southpark episode about this phenomenon!?

When I finally got out of hoboville and into the downtown area I was met with empty streets and closed stores. I decided to take a look at the mormon area and walked around the huge complex. Then I found my way to a Dennys not that far from my hostel and got some coffee and a Grand Slamwhich (more like a grease sandwhich fucking hell). Some interesting characters also got in around my time (about 7 a.m.)

First already seated was very hungry black man. This skinny guy managed to get through a huge breakfast platter and a large side of pancakes in the time I was there, with half a dozen drinks on top of that.

Behind me the regular. He knew all the servers by name, and the server knew exactly what he wanted. He then spent the rest of the meal looking out of the window while the servers tried to ignore him except for the occasional refill.

In front of me religious redneck and daughters. His daughters needed to remember that god was not their number 5, or number 3 in their life, no god would always be number one lest they forget it. During the course of his meal I heard him use variations of the word retarded a dozen times and they of course skipped prayer before dinner. Dennys pancakes were his number one. Also the guy had a face tattoo and several neck ones.

Last but certainly not least, the three stooges. 2 morbidly obese men and one rail thin one all wearing bright orange shirts with dragons on them. All of them identical, except in size. The pack leader and also the biggest one wore a kilt. He cane out of the bathroom before me and didnt flush nor wash his hands. Fuckin' A.

When I was about to leave I double checked my itinary and discovered I had booked my room a day too early! I didnt mind because that way I could check in and get some sleep at least. The walk to the hostel was a short and almost homeless free one. Boy do they love rusted fences and barbed wire in this city, especially when its there to protect rusted scrap metal. Every block I passed had at least one of those lots.

My hostel was a bright yellow and blue painted building. Of course it had its own rusted fence with barbed wire, and about a dozen security cameras. Check in was fully automated, there was no staff on the premise. Once I plugged my booking number in the computer I got the code to my room. During this I only met one nervous looking 40 year old man. He mumbled a weak hello and scurried off. My room ended up being nice, clean and large enough, and I decided to catch up some sleep right away, only once was I disturbed by housekeeping. The second and last person I would see in my stay at this hostel.

Once I awoke from my nap I took a shower in the very clean bathroom and headed out to get dinner for the night. The treck to wallmart was hot but uneventhfull. At wallmart I got a fruit cup, a salad and two bottles of water. People gave me weird looks, especially after I refused a plastic bag and packed my own stuff. Back at the hostel I had my dinner, did a lot of tyling for these blog posts, read part of a book and watched some stuff on youtube. Then I went to bed, I didnt feel like exploring much in this area as I saw homeless people loitering from my window and it was getting dark.

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