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Virginia city 06-10

Posted by Acis , 13 June 2017 · 2,053 views

This was my last day in Reno, before I left for Salt Lake city. We decided that Virginia city would be a good place to visit. Virginia city is an old mining town similar to Idaho springs. Its about a 45 minute drive over a curvey mountain road, the type of road Greg loves driving on apparantly! Chloe also went with us, as Kim was scheduled for the arcade again.

When we arrives we strolled the main street for a bit before entering a Mark Twain museum. The museum ended up being more of an "old stuff we found" museum but it was still a fun visit. Lots of old newspapers, old tools and even some fake mummies were in there.

After that we headed for the train tracks. The plan was to go to Carson by steam train, but I bought tickets for the local tour instead. I had a good time anyways but Greg mentioned he had been on this tour a couple of times now, oh well! The tour was about 40 minutes and had a lot of information aboug the local area and mines.

Once we got off we climbed up the steep hill back in town, the plan was to take a small tour through a mine beneath a bar. But the tour ended up being sold out, and we were told to get on the next one some 45 minutes later. Buying tickets in advance was apparantly not possible. We walked around for a bit and I bought some beef jerkey and a beer. When we came back at two the next tour was already sold out, so we decided to go back home instead, stopping by in and out for a burger on the way.

Back there I got my gear, we went to wallmart for some snacks and some extra phone credit and then we went to the arcade so I could say goodbye to Kim and snap a picture of the young family. My bus left at 7.20 so we arrived about 50 minutes early. After a last look at the river and a cool artwork from Burning Man I said goodbye to Greg and Chloe when they dropped me off at the Greyhound station.

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