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Road Trip 06-07

Posted by Acis , 13 June 2017 · 1,171 views

We left home at the crack of dawn... just kidding. At half past 10 we took Gregs truck with the land sailer still strapped on to it to pyramid lake. The trip there took about an hour, and I was surprised at how big the Reno-Sparks area ended up being. Cities back home are much more compact.

At the lake the first thing we did was check if Gregs boat was still there. He mentioned it needed repairs, and that he hadnt used it in a while. Then we went and got a permit and drove up to the lake. Pyramid lake got its name from the large pyramdid shaped rock formation it hosts. The lake itself has no exits, it slowly evaporates and gets filled back up by the Truckee river that flows through Reno. We spent some time at the shore getting our feet wet. I opted out of swimming because the water was cold and the rocks slippery.

Next up was Frog pond near the black rock desert. It took us another hour to reach it, passing by an abandonned car on the dirt road leading up to it. Driving up to the pond we passed a broken fence and a private property sign, and to my surprise there was another car there. Once we parked we saw a couple swimming in the pond, apparantly their car had a flat tire. Greg helped them replace it while I took a swim and watched Chloe. Frog pond is a small hot spring that gets is name from all the tadpoles (and eventually frogs) in the water. We stayed here for half an hour and then drove to the playa, a large flat dried up lake near the Black Rock.

There we unloaded the sailer and put it together. The sailer consist of a small 3 wheeled buggy capable of seating 2 grownups and a sail (duh). Greg did a small test drive and then he strapped chloe into a carrying harness and all three of us took a seat. The wind was just right today, and we managed to make good speed. We even managed toke some go-pro footage. On one of our last rounds we nearly hit water, apparantly this dried up lake wasnt as dry as youd expect.

We got back at around 7 in the evening, bed time was pretty early for me.

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