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Posted by Acis , 13 June 2017 · 1,050 views

Im typing this on the 13th (my moms birthday!) on a greyhound surounded by 3 people making loud phonecalls, two of them complaining to family about lack of chicken nuggets in ebonics... So Im keeping this entry brief.

On the fourth I moved into the lower floor AirBnb, a large bedroom with a kitchenette and a bathroom with a bathtub (with jacuzzi jets!). After switching linnen and towels I took some time to do laundry and I gave myself some alone time. Although I wouldnt call myself intoverted, I do need some hours once in a while of alone time.

Dinner this night was at the Cheesecake factory. Greg mentioned he hadnt been in a restaurant in a while, and this was the first time Chloe got to eat without a high chair. Their menu is extensive, but I settled on the pineaple shrimp+chicken and Greg got the Sheppards pie. My chicken and shrimp ended up being deepfried, didnt expect that but I should have (USA USA!)

For dessert we both ordered a slice of cheesecake and we took that plus half our main courses back home. I got the peanut butter one and had it for dessert three days straight. Delicious but oh so rich.

The next day I offered to cook dinner, a meal of organic hash browns, brocoli and tyson chicken tenders. By chance I went to the more expensive upscale store instead of the regular one, which explains why the price of food kind of confused me. I also played babysitter for a bit, although Chloe is pretty damn independant for a 1.5 year old. She even accompanied me for breakfast by joining me at the table, how polite! In the evening we played a board game where you have to get islanders off their tropical home to other safe places before the volcano goes boom, a really fun and tactical game where you can try and screw over others.

On the sixth we went out for breakfast at a local place two stores down from their arcade. I got some coffee and a nevada omelette. The omelette came with so much stuff that I had it for dinner the next day! From memmory the chain is called Pegs glorified ham and eggs.

After opening up the store we started shooting more material for the planned commercial, and we even got some help from two random guys in exchange for a discount later. Once they helped out we got some great footage, and I also got to play some more neat VR games.

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