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The biggest little city in the world 06-03

Posted by Acis , 12 June 2017 · 982 views

This morning plans went a little different than intended. It seems that I brought germs from the old world and Kim ended up under the weather. This meant that Greg needed to man the arcade. Prima oppertunity for me to explore Reno a little.

The weather was beautiful out so I took the electric bike out for a ride to the city center. Once there I noticed the streets were fenced off, there ended up being a market and festival that day. Lots of food stands, live music and a lot of stands selling biker gear. Pretty interesting stuff. Also the occasional drugged out weirdo, however watching Reno 911 years back helped me prepare for that!

After strolling through it I passed under the "Biggest little city in the world" sign. Kind of reminded me of New Reno from Fallout 2, except with less criminals and radiation. My next stop was the Reno Museum of art, a modern looking 4 story art museum.

The fourth floor consisted of a very wide open space and an open air seating area, with only a handfull of paintings including a Warholl. The third floor had a large exhibbit on mexican art with a short bio of the artist next to the paintings. On the second floor was an exhibbit called 7 magic mountains, a nifty instalation in the desert. Also on the second floor was an exhibbit mostly revolving around paintings and photos with an environmental message. Ground floor consisted of a cafe and info desk, I had a cup of coffee there which got served by a /very/ friendly server.

My second trip was Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. Much more of a hands on museum focussed on children and teens, with still plenty to see and do for adults though. The main exhibbit is a T-Rex named Sue, and shes set up in the main hall. Other exhibbits included a tour through the human body, some natural history of the northern Nevada region and many interactive puzzels and games. I kind of felt out of place as a solo adult, the crowd here was overwhelmingly families with children.

Then it was time to go back through the market where I picked up a deep fried corn dog, so much grease holy shit. Then I biked back, in total about 12 or so miles over the whole day. I went to bed early because I was exausted.

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