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Arrival Reno 06-01

Posted by Acis , 11 June 2017 · 1,192 views

After barely getting any sleep my train stopped at Reno station thirty minutes after it was scheduled. At 9 a.m. it was still cool out, and I made my way to the exit. When I walked out I heard the name Acis being shouted, and I saw it came from Cynix (real name Greg). After a brief moment in the wrong lane we made our way to his home. Fucking one way roads right?

There I was greeted by his wife Kim and daughter Chloe, plus their dogs. They spent some time figuring out how they were going to go about with opening up their Virtual Reality arcade. After a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs it was settled that we were all going together. The dogs did stay at home though.

At their arcade I was greeted with a spacious enviroment with 6 booths, all equiped with a range of Virtual Reality games. The sepperator screens had awesome art on them as well. At this point new games were being introduced, and the computers needed to be updated accordingly, something I was asked to help with but couldnt, which demoted me to sticker placing duty. This took a decent part of the morning and afternoon. Ar lunch time we got some Vietnamese food and ran some other errands.

Halfway during the afternoon Greg, Chloe and I went back home. Kim stayed and manned the front desk for any customers that might come. The rest of the afternoon and evening is kind of a blur because I found a prime napping spot. I only woke up a few times from a dog licking me and wanting attention. Dinner consisted of a lasagna made with ravioli, and after that I watched Greg swing Chloe around on their indoor swing for a bit. Then it was bed time for me.

If you guys want to check out the arcade site, heres the link

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