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Train ride 05-31

Posted by Acis , 11 June 2017 · 658 views

This is technically the first journal post Ive written. I came back later to add more detail.

We woke up early and went to the station in downtown Denver. I was still not entirely fit but I was okay to travel. Stood in line for my train behind Secilia and Angela, a mother and daughter that were going to salt lake city. Also ended up sharing a seating area with them and a loud(but kind) family consisiting of daughter, mom and grandmother. The familyq got off at the Grand Junction.

Beautiful sights and a spacious cabin made the ride pleasant, there werw many empty seats so I had two to myself. The Amtrack staff was also very friendly. A few hours into my trip a concerned looking lady named Ditis entered our seating area. She later asked to borrow my phone, she had been on this train from Nebraska and would spend 24 hours on various trains and busses after I had arrived in Reno, her destination being Santa Anna. Time passed by pretty quickly and I managed to finish Neuromancer, a fantastic sci-fi book.

Oh and bring your own food, and drinks. Train food is expensive and also not very good. Most lf the snack food consisted of microwaveable items like hotdogs, a bottle of Heiniken is 5.50, back home I can buy 12 bottles of heiniken in the supermarket for that price. The snack lady is friendly though, and she works very long days, from 7.00 until 23.00.

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