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Culture and non-culture 05-30

Posted by Acis , 09 June 2017 · 1,509 views

Still a bit under the weather, I got up at around 8. Our first goal of the day was to go to the Botenical Gardens near downtown Denver. The weather was nice and sunny and the garden was pretty quiet when we got there. First goal was getting some breakfast, we settled on coffee and some salmon quiche (which ended up being bacon!). Much to Kelseys announce. This was the second or third time in a week she got tricked with the wrong food.

After breakfast we went for a stroll. The gardens basically consist of a lot of areas with a ton of different plants. There's also different art pieces on display that change regularly. This time the art wasn't all that fantastic. The piece of art guarding the greenhouse was a 12 feet tall red guy with 4 tits and 3 legs. This sounds a lot cooler than it actually was. The greenhouse contained a ton of tropical plants and some of those poison frogs that ended up being non poisonous (apparently they get their poison from a plant they like to eat). Outside we did a stroll around the gardens including a turtle pond, an area that felt like quicksand and a Japanese garden with bonsai trees, some of which were older than I was.

The next stop on the list was a lot less classy. It was of course time for "lunch" at Casa Bonita, a place I knew only from South Park. Bravely donning a mustache, sombrero and tiny American flag we ventured forward into the entrance of Casa Bonita, the entrance reeked of chlorine by the way. My situation became clear to me the moment we got past the front door, there were actual deviders for a line that could theoretically be 100 feet long. There were actually people waiting in line here during busy hours! We placed our orders at the end of the line and were directed to a pile of plastic trays. After I got my tray I watched my food getting pushed out of a hole in the wall onto a conveyor belt, barely a minute after we ordered it. Even microwaves aren't that fast, what the fuck. Kelsey also managed to score some arcade tokens for the three of us when I wasn't paying attention.

When we entered the restaurant proper we were greeted by a look of the famous waterfall, and we got seated pretty much next to it. We did have to maneuver around tables with our tray, and then go down a flight of stairs. On their I nearly dropped my tray on a group of small children. The less said about the food the better, lets just say I was pretty jealous of the kids with their frozen french fries and chicken nuggets. Also I found out I don't like margaritas. The only good thing were the chips, salsa and sopapilas. We also got to see a few cliff diving shows, and there's a cartman doll perched on top of the waterfall which is pretty funny. Casa Bonita is very aware that south park gave them a lot of customers.

With "lunch" done, we went for an old timey picture where we go to dress up as wld west characters. Once those were done we went to the arcade to play some games. The arcade was busy, noisy and horribly out of date It was a ton of fun nonetheless. A lot of machines didn't work as intended, a lot didn't dispense tickets or just didn't work straight up while appearing to be working. Between the three of us we still managed to score 300 tickets. Enough for a bouncy ball, rubber ducky and a whoopee cushion.

That was the end of our Casa Bonita visit, next door was a brewery where we had a beer to wash down our lunch and we played a board game there. Then it was time to go home, grill some food up and go to bed early. Not before I got to see Jesse nerd out with his VR Star Trek game though. The next day I would be leaving for Reno on a 24h train.

Jun 10 2017 09:13 AM

enjoyed reading about your american adventure :) thanks for sharing!

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