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05-29 There gold in them hills

Posted by Acis , 09 June 2017 · 583 views

On this day we went on our first field trip. The class consisted of Jesse, Kelsey, Phil, Justin and I. The excursion went to Idaho springs, to visit the Argo gold mine and to drink a few craft beers at Tommyknockers and this other place I don't remember the name of (good weizener though).

After picking up some breakfast burritos we drove up to the small mining town of Idaho Springs. A town filled with small shops that's totally dependent on tourism it seems. First thing we did was walk around town, visit a gift shop and then go to a brewery for the first beer of the day. A great weizener. After that we left Phil and Justin to get high or whatever these guys like to do for fun. Jesse, Kelsey and I went to the Argo Gold mine for a tour. We got there in time and still managed to be late for the tour!

The first part of the tour was a video on the mine, got a demonstration of the drill used to make holes in rock and then our young but enthusiastic tour guide took us up the hill with a bus. The hill was quite steep and there weren't any fences for safety, I'm just glad the driver showed up to work sober. We were led into the shed with the old air pump and got to wear a helmet. The mine itself ended up being sealed with a large metal door, behind it water at unbelievable pressure. Aware of this mortal danger Jesse and I decided to take some silly stock photos in front of the door of death.

Then it was time to go down trough the refinery, a large vertical building where ore got deposited and refined as it went down. Also they liiked to work with cyanide and other fun chemicals there. They used to earn quite well back there but also tended to die or go crazy after a decade. The tour came to an end at the bottom but we still got to pan for our own gold, which I still have on my pile of souvenirs.

Panning gold is of course exausting, and it was definitly time for beer and food. Which we got at Tommyknockers. There we met up with Justin, Phil and two new people. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I'm horrible with names. But the girl was Max's sister and the guy was her boyfriend. Max sister didn't have facial hair, the boyfriend however did. And oh boy did he like his facial hair, going as far as to stylize his mustache with gel or whatever. Cynix has a theory about the facial hair: Its because everyone in Colorado is too high to remember shaving so they kind of don't bother anymore. My food was fish tacos, which were great but also super filling. Once we got some souvenirs we went back to the car and drove back to Parker.

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