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05-28 Top Golf and Dragons

Posted by Acis , 09 June 2017 · 574 views

When I woke up I still didn't feel all that well, but we had plans for the day. First one being Top Golf, a game that wasn't really about golf but more about hedonism. We arrived there was the place opened and I met Max, the final beardy guy of the Dungeon and Dragons crew. In total there were 6 of us playing, with Justin showing up later.

Top Golf is a game where you start drinking sparkling wine at 9 in the morning, order chicken and waffles (with gravy and syrup of course) oh and occasionally attempt to shoot a ball at a target. Pretty cool stuff.

After that it was my first visit to the legendary wall mart, to get some cheap camping gear. Besides camping gear I also got some Mountain DEW S A. The most patriotic drink this side of bald eagle milk. We didn't manage to find the heart of wallmart though, but then again we didn't visit the TV secction so that is to be expected. We also managed to score a decent phone, $30 for a smartphone and $15 for some date, a fantastic deal.

When we got back home I spent the afternoon booking bus tickets, hostels and anything else travel related. Besides that we also finalized my dungeons and dragons character. A morbidly obese hobbit named Flynn with a passion for cooking and the ability to summon 6 ponies each day, as well as make everyone run really fast. He however never really ran much, it just wasn't his thing.

The dungeons and dragons game was played in Kelseys classroom, and consisted of 8 nerds sitting around a tabe drinking beer and cracking jokes. That's one thing that wasn't different from what I'm used to back home, where I also used to run a DnD game. The game itself was a blast, and also involved a blast because some idiot thought it would be a great idea to shoot a firearm in an enclosed space with stone walls. We then went outside of town limits and killed a Bulette, basically a land shark. That thing got its ass kicked something fierce, even Flynn managed to score 1 point of damage with his sling, fucking badass.

Once DnD was done we drank some more and went to bed.

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