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05-25,05-26 and 05-27

Posted by Acis , 09 June 2017 · 691 views

The blogs are going to be a bit shorter from now on because I didn't write them in time. My memory is kind of failing getting much of the details.

This day was a rather quiet day, the plan was to play some minecraft and build a hungergames map. This didn't really go according to plan after I managed to crash the creative server with an overly enthusiastic world edit command. We had some pretty cool plans though.

Lunch was the combined leftovers from chipotle and the native place. At some point Ian came over as well to play some minecraft with us. We showed him around the Pure server for a bit until Jesse had to leave. I think it was a work thing. Kelsey, Ian and i went out for dinner at a place called wholy cannoli. A pretty great italian place, where I got the lasagna and a Cannoli (some kind of dessert). Pretty great stuff.

We finished the night playing various board games.

The next morning I believe we spent watching a Mel Brooks movie, the western one. Pretty funny stuff, I can't believe I never saw that one before. Phil, Ian and Justin came over in the afternoon, this was the first time I met Justin I believe. Also facial hair, still not sure what's causing this. We spent the afternoon playing a bunch of different board games. Qladiator and a game where you tried to stop Chutulu Kelsey was off to ride a cog train up a mountain with some relatives and friends of relatives.

Later in the evening they dropped by as well, to look at their home and possibly talk to the weird foreign guy. They were nice people and it was hilarious watching Kelsey clearing the house of bongs and vaping stuff while Jesse tried to blend in with the wall and avoid conversation. Sadly his efforts didn't pan out and he still had to talk to skelletron. The southern accented ladies were nice otherwise though.

In the evening we went out for sushi, sake and lo mein. We got a shit ton of sushi and everyone left more full than they were comfortable with. At this point I wasnt feeling all that great, but I shrugged it off as the altitude, overabundance of food and new impressions affecting me. It ended up being a genuine cold or flu, and I slept very poorly that night.

The next day I woke up very under the weather. I wasn't the only one either, Phil was also not feeling well. We had plans for playing some sort of Golf game, but decided against it. Instead we spent the morning watching Conan the Barbarian. Dave dropped by as well, another friend of Jesse and Kelsey. He also had facial hair. After the movie I went and took a nap, by the time I got back up Dave had left and Justin replaced him, Ian showed up later. We ordered pizza for the night and played some more boardgames. I quite like board games.

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