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Who thought it was a good idea to put month before day. 05-24-17

Posted by Acis , 09 June 2017 · 492 views

Had a decent nights sleep and woke up at 7 A.M. This would have been 3 P.M. my time. I felt like I had a great headstart on any jet lag. Breakfast consisted of Bacon, eggs and toast.

Jesse had a work thing to attend to in the morning, pretty much stand in the hot sun on concrete trying to get stoners to leave a review on a their website. In exchange they'd get a chance at free stuff.

Meanwhile Kelsey and I went out to buy me some hiking boots, which I got at a great price. Then we went over to her grandmothers place and let out the dogs there. Finally we went for lunch at a Native American place. The guy behind the counter was definitly exited to serve us some fuckin' beans. And his definition of a little cheese was two handfuls. Not bad getting two days worth of take-out lunch for less than 10 dollars.

After we got back home and had lunch the first of many of their friends showed up. A short beardy guy named Phil, he brought beer. Later I would realize that every male my age had facial hair, no exception. Must be something in the water or lack of oxygen. Kelsey, Phil and I played some mario kart 64 at first (which I won, with Peach). Then we played some Rampage 64, which was pretty fun as well. Then we played some Batcha (spelling?) balls, which ended up being a game I know as Jeu de Boulles.

That game quickly game to an end when to more friends showed up. Their names escape me now, but they brought over a bunch of beer which was cool. Later Ryan and Jeremy (I'm sorry if I'm getting names wrong here!) showed up with beer as well. I was starting to see a pattern. At dinner time Jesse showed up with ingredients for hamburgers. There's some kind of irony in there that my first home cooked dinner in America ended up being Hamburgers. Ian, Kelseys brother, showed up last. He had a beard but I don't remember him bringing beer.

After dinner we played a few games that involved our phones and the television. All kinds of different often funny games involving trivia, drawing stuff or making shit up. Guests started leaving at this point, and it was soon time for bed. I was pretty exhaust anyways.

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