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Coming to America (not the movie) 23-05-2016

Posted by Acis , 04 June 2017 · 702 views

After saving up plenty of money and subsequently getting fired I was left with a choice. Either suck it up, get a new job and then keep saving up more to eventually buy a house like a responsible adult, or just blow my money on something cool and then figuring out what to do afterwards. I didn't feel like being a responsible adult.

My plane to America left on the 23-05. I would be spending 3 months here, sometimes on my own but mostly with people that I knew from some place or another.

I got up at 6.20 in the morning, had some breakfast and then said goodbye to my mom. Oh I also forgot to mention I moved back in to avoid paying rent for 3 months. Getting a house of your own in my country involves a communist waiting list if you want something affordable anyways.

At 7.10 I left for the bus, took that to my nearby city for a train that runs al the way under schiphol airport. Where I arrived 3.5 hours before my flight left. Being late for stuff like this is something I dislike.

After checking in my luggage I still had 2.5 hours to kill before my flight. A headache was brewing by that time. Spent most of that 2.5 hours dicking around and had a nutricious meal at burger king *cough*. Then again airport food is a rip off so BK wasnt a bad deal.

The first flight with Iceland air to KEF airport went well. Watched the first terminator movie. The transfer to my second flight to denver went smooth as well.

Second flight sucked, splitting headache. Watched The Cosmos. No food in flight, Iceland air is pretty great still tho.

Arrival at 18.00 local time. Security went quick, nice people except the border security guard. Met Jesse and Kelsey at the pickup when I jumped into their running car.

We went to chipotle (first meal in 16 hours) and then to their home, where I was greeted by their dogs. I made a huge mistake tossing a toy for one of them, she now saw me as a playmate for the rest of my stay. Had 2 beers and went to bed in their guest room at 22.00 mountain time. I was up for 24 hours at this point. Windows shutdown noise.mp3

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