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Splinter Development Log pt1: The Plan

Posted by Acis , 26 June 2014 · 1,474 views

As a lot of you probably know: we've picked up an interest in our Splinter server again, and we're planning on making it one of our most designed servers yet!

But first for those you don't know, a little background on this server!

Splinter is a factions server that also recently had McMMO enabled, to provide that little boost. It also got it's own spawn with an admin shop and all the goodies a server like that should get, not saying that the spawn area is pretty but still. The only problem was that no one seemed to care much about this server existing, so it never got the playerbase to sustain a pvp / factions server. But life goes on so we kind of forgot it exist in the first place, only being reminded of it when another new player left because there was nobody on. Now after a few months of this the most interest we've seen in this server has been underage german kids and the occasional regular player would try to start something up there and fail. So yours truly asked / campaigned for it to be removed, its existence only drew a bad crowd or confused people, so why keep it right?

Now, it obviously didn't get deleted, Tarqquin veto'd it and wanted splinter to stay. However others including me weren't happy with that and at least wanted to attempt reviving this server. So did some brainstorming session and went trough some options on what would be a nice addition and what would draw more of a crowd. the general theme was "what has to happen to make you want to play the factions server?". Here's a list of some ideas we came up with and some that we're still using:

1. We were going to use a big dome city Kelsey and Jello built on their own private network. However this city still needed a ton of work and it's not a build specifically for our server. We did go with a big dome over the area though.

2. We wanted to limit the map size, something we've achieved with building a large glass dome over the new splinter map. I believe it has a diameter of 500. This dome will make sure people will pvp and interact with each other instead of going 20.000 from spawn and making a bedrock bunker.

3. The map limit had one huge drawback though: not enough resource variation. The solution will be to place portals around the map that lead to different (also domed) biomes. There will be around 15 in total. These portals also throw something new into the mix: people will have to fight for and protect these portals to have access to a variation of resources. Claiming land around these portals will be very important.

4. Another thing we decided on was to limit the amount of factions to around 3. This would prevent everyone and his grandmother to make up a 2 man faction that never goes anywhere. 3 larger factions would limit the choice, but make sure people of all factions are generally on daily. It would also allow for larger bases and more interesting PVP. On top of that it would also create more oversight in a normally pretty chaotic server.

5. The dome idea is pretty cool, but it would be also cool to actually have some pre-built structures in the map. So we decided to build an inner circle that can't be built / destroyed on. And an outer circle that you CAN build and destroy on. And we plan on dividing the portals between those two areas just about evenly. This would give a nice twist to base defence, because you can only build defences around half the portals, you'll have to defend your area with our pre-built defenses in the inner circle.

6. To compliment the dome / limited area build we're also preventing mole-men from going to bedrock and setting up camp there. We're limiting digging, so you can built a nice basement but go full turtle mode. You'll have to build structures above ground. The portals in the outer ring will also obviously be above ground.

7. Now what to theme the inner area? Welp how about a Themepark? Nothing like tactically planning on how to take over the merry-go-around and swinging pirate ship in one go. It would also give the server a unique feel and look.

8. But, it's not a map if we don't have a set of tunnels. So why not make some labyrinth like section of sewers? This is what we've been building and discussing most lately. And is so far the most concrete thing on the list. The sewers will serve as an alternative route in case you don't want to face pvp on the surface. But Acis, wouldn't everyone take the sewers then if it's nice and hidden? Asks no-one. Well hypothetical person: the sewers aren't exactly user friendly. They're filled with horrible deadly traps and trails. and mobs tend to spawn in there too. But on the up side, there's also treasure! On the downside; it's hard as balls to reach.

Anyways, that's it for today. Not everything on this list might make it into the final version, and maybe some other stuff will be added too. If there's another development blog we'll go into more details on all these ideas and our progress.

If you have any cool ideas of your own or questions about the concepts be sure to post them!!

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O.O I have a sudent interest to play on Splinter now, despite hating PvP.   I suppose im more interested in how the land will look before, and after you open it to the players (what the players will build/destroy)  So many ideas are flowing in my mind, but idk how to express them.  

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It's kind of a concept I've never heard of before in minecraft at least. But I'm not sure how it will end up playing, maybe it's cool on paper but horrible in practice. We don't know until we try it. What I do know is that PvP will exist for sure, but it's not the absolutely only thing you can do, there's also a lot of tactical planning and building involved hopefully.

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Jun 28 2014 11:26 AM

Sounds really cool. I like factions so can't wait.

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